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Triton's Farm ~ Animals on the farm

Triton's Farm is lucky to have found a bunch of really great animals.

We have dogs, chickens, geese, sheep, llamas, a cat and Dexter Cows.

Everyone has a job out here. This is a working farm. The dogs keep the property clear of preditors. The cats keep my feed rodent free. The geese alert the chickens to danger. The ducks and the chickens provide plenty of the best eggs you could ever eat.

All our animals have a good life and live a life according to their species. For example, the dogs get to run in the fields digging up rodents, chasing off predators, and living a life that gives them interest and purpose.

Whenever possible we choose rare heratige breeds of farm animals. This is for two reasons, a lot of these breeds were breed specifically for small farms and are dual purpose. Modern breeds just like most big farms have started to speicallize in one thing and do that one thing very well. We are more generalist on this farm. For example the chickens we raise on this farm are good egg producers, very good free rangers, breed naturally and brood their own chicks. By choosing these heratige breeds and using them as they were intended to be used, we are also preserving some genetics that could be lost. By purchasing our products you are helping to preserve these breeds by making them a farm animal with a purpose. If these rare breeds can still be economically viable for small farms it helps ensure their future survival. If they get relegated to pet or hobby status only, then they are subject to the whims of popularity and can become extinct when popularity shifts to something else. By breeding our animals for health, vigor and the purpose they were intended, we are hoping to give these breeds a chance to continue to stand the test of time. These breeds have lasted this long because they were useful on small farms. We just need to shepherd them, to preserve the genetic diversity into the future.