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Triton RIP 2012

Axle, Hector, CoCo and Tripper are our farm dogs. These boys and girl are so much fun. Everywhere we go on the farm they are with us.

Axle is our Pyrenees/St. Bernard and I'm sure a few other breeds. He is big and gentle.

Hector is our Pyrenees mix pound puppy rescue. I remember the vet thought he was 6 months old and about full grown when we got him. Turns out he was only about four months old and grew to 140 pds. He has turned out to be a great guard dog. Hector spends most of his days sunning himself out in one of the fields keeping all predators away. Hector is getting old now and spends most of his days holding down dirt.

Tripper, a Basset hound mix is also a rescue. He was found very thin wandering around the desert. He is the happiest dog I have ever met. I don't think he ever has a bad day. He can make friends with any dog, even coyotes. We have to keep our eye on him. I don't think the coyotes will play with him for long. He kind of looks like a big hot dog.

Coco is an Australian Shepherd we got to help with the sheep. She tries to do a great job, but I think it is the owners who need more training. Every now and then when working with the animals she just turns to us and says "make up your mind!".