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Custom Cut Beef for sale - October 2020 - No price change from last year

Dexter Beef for sale in October. Processing date is October 9th they will be ready for pick up or delivery a couple weeks after.

Dexter Beef - Whole $4.25 lb hanging weight
Half $4.50 lb hanging weight

Price includes butcher, cut/wrap and local or pre-approved delivery.
If you would like to reserve your beef a $100 deposit will be needed for beef. The money will be applied to the final total.

We butcher in the fall and winter so the beef can cool down quickly and request to have our beef hung longer for dry aging. How long the beef can be hung depends on a number of factors. We have been raising our own beef now for about 6 years and have been extremely pleased with the consistently good flavor and tender beef. Grocery store beef just can’t compare.

The hanging weight is not the amount of meat you will have at the end. How much you will have at the end will depend on how much bone and fat were removed. Our steers are butchered around 16-18 months hanging weight has been around 400 pounds give or take 50 pounds for the whole beef. Usually they say you will get about 60% meat from the hanging weight, it kind of depends on how much you have de-boned.

This is a link about a taste comparison done with a bunch of different cattle. It's an interesting write up that has since been pulled off the original site. A taste comparison is very subjective, so take it for what it's worth. All I can say is I enjoy eating our beef and yes, I am biased, but wouldn't keep this breed if I didn't like them as much. Found this about the taste test on epicurious.

Dexter cattle are about half the size of an angus. For information about the breed: and

To understand the custom beef ordering process I found this blog that does a good job to explain things. We include the cut/wrap and any other fees in our price per pound. Hopefully making the process easier to understand, but you will still need to work with the processor to determine the cuts of beef and how you want them packaged. We then pick the beef up from the processor pay, the cut and wrap and deliver or arrange a convenient pick up location.

Please use the Contact Us email link if you are interested in delicious naturally raised Dexter Beef, grown without antibiotics, or any hormones. We do not grain finish and our beef will be about 25 months at processing.

We can accept Paypal for payment of the beef.

Please Contact us by email