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Triton's Farm ~ Where we are located

Triton's Farm is located in Kittitas County about 10 miles outside Ellensburg, Washington. We have a great view of the wind farm. So as you can guess we get plenty of wind.

Our weather is hot in summer with a regular wind that keeps it from getting too hot. Cold winters with wind that seems to get through every crack.

For growing we are zone 5. I think with the new updated USDA zone chart we are a zone 6, but I still don't take any chances and only get plants for zone 5 or less. All plants have to be able to withstand a 30 mile per hour wind. To give you a picture of how a 30 mile per hour wind looks picture a chicken standing on tippy toes pushed by the wind with all their feathers turned inside out like an umbrella. I know why you see chickens on weather vanes. We just look out the window and see how the chickens look to know which direction the wind is blowing.